Long gone are the days of working for one employer for an entire career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee will change jobs twelve times during their career. While the economy is allowing employers to expand and hire more people, many employees are preferring to take short term “gigs” rather than more permanent positions. Employees are attracted to temp staffing positions because of the variety and opportunities they offer. If your goal as an employer is to hire for the long term, there are a few considerations to make for creating a work environment in which employees stay loyal.


Keep growth at the forefront of your decision making. Not just for your company, but also for you employees. As your company grows, so should your employees as professionals. People tend to leave jobs in which they feel stagnant and bored. They leave for a job that is a new challenge – something that excites them. If you provide professional growth opportunities within your company, employees are more likely to feel valued, challenged, and loyal. Professional development opportunities may include job share/swap with an employee in a different department, specialized certification training, or tuition assistance programs so employees can invest in education they believe would be helpful in their position.

Work Environment

Is your company fun?

Is your company fun? Is your office a place people love to go to work everyday? Studies have shown over and over that employees and temp staff who are happy at work are more productive. Simple things like allowing work groups to use Slack to communicate can make a big difference in your company’s workplace culture. Slack is a group messaging system that allows employees to text – yes, they can even use emojis – to communicate about work matters through different channels. While this may seem like a distraction, it can be an effective vehicle for discussing complex issues without the stress of meetings. It can be easier (and more fun) to emote frustration with a red, angry emoji face than actually become red and angry in a meeting! There are many other ways to make your workplace somewhere people want to be, from flexible work hours and workstations to employee wellness programs.


Compensation is always a factor in whether an employee stays in their position for a short or long time. Compensation includes salary and benefits such as healthcare, retirement, and special perks like car allowances. It is easy for a great employee who is feeling stagnant to seek a new job if they feel they could get a better compensation package somewhere else. So while keeping employees engaged, challenged and working in a fun, productive work environment are important, their compensation package is also important. Don’t think that because you offer a fun, flexible work environment that people will work for you for less than they could make elsewhere. Keep track of what your competitors are offering their employees. Keep track of regional and national trends in compensation are changing. Is the cost of living in your area increasing significantly? Are you keeping up with COLA (cost of living adjustments) increases? Have salaries in your area remained flat for a while? As an employer, it is imperative you keep track of trends in compensation, so you know what your employees’ value is to your company.

Temp Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies, like Salt Lake Staffing, can be great resources for your company. Salt Lake Staffing keeps track of all the latest compensation trends in the Silicon Slopes. We know what you need to offer to attract and retain the best talent. Whether you are looking for temp staff or a longer commitment, Salt Lake Staffing can help you find the best talent to fit your specific company. Our specialty if matching candidates who will fit well into your company’s culture so they can hit the ground running successfully.

In an economy that has enabled and encouraged employees to “gig” from one job to the next, temp staffing agencies can help place the best people with your business for the short and long term. Let Salt Lake Staffing take the stress out of hiring – give us a call today!


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