You are your brand, but that’s more than just your look.

Many people think that their brand is how they look – how they present themselves externally. They get caught up in the clothing brands they wear – are they designer? Are they ethically sourced? They get caught up in their hair, make-up and nails (yes, men and women are guilty of this). They worry about the physical stuff around them – what kind of car they drive, what new phone or tablet they carry. And yes, that outward, physical display is a component of brand identity. But that isn’t all. Your personal brand encompasses three areas of your life, all which represent who you are and illustrate how you define success.

What you share on social media is your personal brand

Everything you share publicly is an extension of your brand – everything! So think about how you want the world to see you. Think about how you want potential employees or employers to regard you by looking at your social media channels. If you have certain values that you want to be clear, then post things illustrating those values. Don’t just post vapid selfies and photos of the food you eat. Make a statement about who you are – just be clear about the message you are sending, so that the world can understand your brand.
If you are an employer seeking to hire candidates that are going to immediately fit into the culture you have created in your business, then let your personal brand lead those candidates to you. If you like to be active and healthy, then use your social channels to show your enthusiasm for fitness. You’ll be more likely to attract like minded candidates who google you and see your team sports posts and your hiking posts (for example).

Your personal brand is with you always… even when you aren’t at work

Why do people think they can be someone else at work, than not at work? Cause you can’t. You are one person. So own who you are! Own your brand! Now, this may be more difficult for some professions than other… Teachers, for example, who like to brew beer on the weekends probably shouldn’t espouse upon the quality of malt and hops in their home brew recipes to their fifth graders. Those same teachers, however, should not fear running into students at the grocery store while on a beer run. Even teachers are people too! So while you may not want to dive into all your hobbies, interests and opinions at work, you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself both at home and at work.

Being true to yourself – to your brand – will allow you to be a better employer or employee. If you are comfortable with your personal brand, you will focus more on your work. In turn, you’ll see greater results for your business and your work product will be an extension of your brand for which you can be proud.

Now, about your outward appearance…

Not sure if you know what your style really is? We’ve all been there – stuck in a career with a specific dress code, only to trow on sweats after work, or yoga pants on the weekends. So what style really excites you and is a good extension of your brand? There are consultants who will help you figure this out! These consultants are certified through the Association of Image Consultants International to know exactly how to translate who you are into how you present yourself to the world. These professional brand developers help people with their appearance, behavior, communication skills, and etiquette.

Though your personal brand encompasses so much more than your outward appearance, the way you present yourself to the world does in fact matter. If you are a candidate that we at Salt Lake Staffing have just placed in a great new position for you, we’ll help you carefully consider how you present yourself on your first day. Need some help knowing what the proper dress code might be at your new placement? Let us help! We work with employers to understand their business culture, so that you never show up wearing a suit when the rest of the office is in jeans. How you dress is also about how you feel in your clothes. While workplaces are running the gamut of dress codes these days, staying true to your brand in the context of your employers dress code will ensure you feel comfortable in your workplace.

Be true to yourself. Be confident. You are your brand.

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